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6 Ways to Achieve Your New Years Goals!

It is hard to believe that 2019 is already here! It seems like only yesterday we were in the middle of spring and starting to think about summer. The reality is that the clock doesn’t stop, and the calendar often moves quicker than we would like. Like most investors you probably have dreams of wild success and great financial heights. Expectations are nice, but unless you have a defined vision of getting there you may be left disappointed. Here are six tips to help you plan and ultimately achieve your 2019 goals.

1. Pick the right resolution

Your goals should be smart — and SMART. That’s an acronym coined in the journal Management Review in 1981 for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. It may work for management, but it can also work in setting your resolutions, too.

2. Create Your Plan

Because you won’t just wake up and change your life, you not only need a plan for what to do, but also for what roadblocks you’ll come across along the way.

If you’re trying to form or break a habit, Mr. Duhigg suggested breaking down that habit into its three parts: a cue, a routine and a reward.

For example:

Bad Habit: I check Twitter too often.

Cue: I feel isolated.

Routine: I check Twitter.

Reward: I feel connected.

Way to change the behaviour: Instead of checking Twitter, get up and talk to a colleague.

What about if you have a really bad health habit?

3. Leap Over Resolution Hurdles

“You’re up against a part of yourself that’s never going to change. It’s always going to push at you in certain directions that are unhealthy. You’re going to have to really create something step by step in order to manage it,” Dr. Bennett said.

So before hurdles get in your way, make sure you have a plan to jump over them. Here are a few common problems people face in achieving their goals:

It’s too much and I have so far to go. A perceived lack of progress can be frustrating. Dr. Wallin suggested focusing on whatever the smaller number it is: your progress, or how much you have left to do.

I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s not working. Positive thinking isn’t going to be enough, said Gabriele Oettingen, a professor of psychology at New York University and author of “Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation.” In fact, positive thinking may be the thing holding you back.

I can’t stick to this routine. Maybe your routine simply isn’t flexible enough.

I’m getting too much outside pressure. This could be a sign that you’re trying to change for the wrong reasons.

I slipped up. The first time you revert to your old ways, forget it. “If you screw up, what you should do the first time is just pretend it didn’t happen.

4. Find a Community

You don’t need to do it alone, especially if your resolution starts in the new year when you’ll have plenty of company in trying to make a life change.

5. If You Miss Your Goal

You didn’t fail. You’re your own experiment, so here’s what to try on your second, third or 20th attempt.

6. And be kind to yourself!

“We talk in much harsher tones to ourselves than we would to other people,” said Dr. Wallin. “We wouldn’t say to a kid trying to learn something ‘that’s so stupid’ but that’s how we talk to ourselves.”

When resolutions run off the rails or fall apart but you still want to try again, talk to yourself like “a child who’s feeling discouraged. You wouldn’t say ‘that’s because you’re an idiot.’ You would say ‘come on you can do it.’”

Investing in real estate is full of opportunity and offers limitless upside. Use these six tips to help achieve all your real estate goals this year and beyond.

And never forget:

A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL

A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN

A PLAN backed by ACTION makes your dreams REALITY!

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